Schedule of the Course

Week 1 (1/19, 1/21): Introduction
Key topics: multifunctionality, sustainability, public goods

Week 2 (1/26, 1/28): Agroecology and Contextual Thinking
Key topics: contextuality, agroecological theory, varieties of agroecology


Processes of Multifunctionality

Week 3 (2/2, 2/4): Valuing Agriculture
Key topics: externalities, markets, contingent valuation, Jevons paradox, non-market values

Week 4 (2/9, 2/11): Cultures of Agriculture
Key topics: agrarianism, localism, social heritage, political ideologies

Week 5 (2/16, 2/18): The Social Organization of Agriculture
Key topics: community, family, gender, labor

Week 6 (2/23, 2/25): Identity and Agriculture
Key topics: social self, status, motivation, legitimacy

Week 7 (3/2, 3/4): Governing Agriculture
Key topics: power, regulation, standardization, democratization,

Week 8 (3/9, 3/11): Changing Agriculture
Key topics: participation, mobilization, networks, dialogue

Week 9 (3/16, 3/18): First Synthesis
Key topics: workshopping an outline of your public scholarship project

No assigned reading.




Expectations of Multifunctionality

Week 10 (3/29, 3/31): Ecosystem Services
Key topics: economic approaches, non-economic approaches, critiques

Week 11 (4/5, 4/7): Cheap Food
Key topics: “feeding the world,” organics, conventionalization, bifurcation, alternatives

Week 12 (4/12, 4/14): Poverty and Hunger Alleviation
Key topics: food security, food sovereignty, the double burden, international dimensions

Week 13 (4/19, 4/21): Farm and Community Viability
Key topics: local food, farm survival, values chains, civic agriculture, farm scale and community

Week 14 (4/26, 4/28): Justice
Key topics: minority farmers, gender, land tenure, agricultural workers

Week 15 (5/3, 5/5): Second Synthesis
Key topics: workshopping a draft of your public scholarship project

May 11th: Public Scholarship Project Due